Rentals & Sales

We carry a large assortment of school band and orchestra instruments – new and used – available for purchase or through our two rental options. Check and compare the RENT-ONLY plan and the RENT-TO-OWN plan on the RENTAL OPTIONS tab.  Either way, you are assured of receiving a ready-to-play instrument that will serve you or your student well for many years.   We offer many ways to trade up, applying up to 100% of your equity in many cases.  The agreements are month-to-month – the instrument may be returned any time, or with the RENT-TO-OWN option, you may elect to continue monthly payments until the purchase price is met.

Our new instruments are from the Conn-Selmer family of instruments, makers of over 20 quality brands including: Bach, Leblanc, King, Vito, Bliss, Yanigasawa, Ludwig, Glaesel, Holton, Benge and, of course, Conn and Selmer.   Through Conn-Selmer we can get any student-level instrument you want, as well as fine intermediate and top-quality professional instruments. Click here to visit the Conn-Selmer website.

Our used instruments are only top-quality brands that have been fully reconditioned by our fine technicians at TRShop. These instruments are mechanically perfect and will play as easily for the beginning student as a new one.

All of our instruments – new and used – are completely guaranteed to make your child’s learning experience go as easily and smoothly as possible. The instrument must be in perfect working condition for your child to have a chance for success!

Use the drop down tabs under Rentals & Sales to review our rental options for new or used instruments, and to check our instrument inventory.

And for some very useful information to have when looking for an instrument for your child, take a look at the Parent Guide for Purchasing Instruments, published by NAPBIRT – the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians: Click here to view the Parent Guide for Purchasing Instruments.